What is it about Warriors?

What is it about warriors? We are drawn to them, to their stories. Look at many of the epic movies of all time and there you’ll find a warrior. Men especially are drawn to this idea of a warrior. It’s something deep within us that calls out to us. We want to be a warrior. Don’t believe me? Just go to your local theater and watch who is walking out of the most recent action films. It’s going to predominantly be men. That’s be cause we want to be warriors. If you ask most men what character they would like to be most in the Lord of the Rings, you’d probably find that it’s Aragorn: the warrior king. We want to be Neo in the Matrix, William Wallace in Braveheart, Robert Roy McGregor in Rob Roy, John Wick, and the list goes on.

God made us this way, because He himself is this way. The Lord is a warrior… (Exodus 15:3) We need to have something greater than ourselves to fight for, something that matters. Unfortunately, most men don’t have something to fight for. They don’t see the battles around them that they are supposed to fight.

You see, it all started going wrong in the Garden. Satan in the form of a serpent is tempting Eve and causing her to question who she is and who God is. Where’s Adam during this exchange? Right there with her. Silent, listening, watching, waiting. Eve believes the lies and takes a bite of the forbidden fruit with Adam just passively standing by. Then, Eve hands him the fruit and what does he do? He looks at it and sees that it’s good for food. Looks at Eve and thinks to himself, “I don’t want to live without her.” And he makes a conscious decision to take a bite himself.

Scenes similar to this play out all over the world today. Your “Eve” is being tempted, tested, tried, and you stand by silent, listening, watching, waiting. You don’t lift a finger to help her. Just like Adam.

Let me tell you my story in regards to this. I taught English in South Korea for about 5 years. My whole family was there with me. We had 5 children at the time. I went to work 5 days a week and left my wife home to home-school and take care of the kids. We’re in this foreign land where we don’t speak the language and don’t have many friends. During this time, my wife started being attacked by the enemy. She started hearing demonic voices. She was hearing lies that God didn’t love her or care for her. And what did I do? You guessed it! I stood by silent, listening, watching, waiting. I mean I prayed for her some, but I didn’t step in and fight for her spiritually. I didn’t fight beside her. I didn’t fight for her. This went on for about 2 years. Praise the Lord, she didn’t give in and the Lord delivered her.

But, that’s not the end of this story between my wife and I. After we came back from Korea, my wife became pregnant. Very early on she miscarried this child. I hadn’t really come to terms that she was carrying our child yet. Because of this, the loss didn’t hit me like it did her. Once again, here’s my wife hurting, bleeding, wanting to be loved. And here I am again, just watching from the sidelines. The sad thing is this: This has happened twice. Yes, not once, but twice I have stood by and let my wife suffer through the loss of a child by herself.

And the story continues… My daughter several years ago, started getting sick. She would feel nauseous and started throwing up. She couldn’t keep water down. She went to the hospital and multiple doctors. We couldn’t get any answers. My wife was dealing with all of this and I was trying to provide for the family and take care of the other children. But I was still on the sidelines for my wife and daughter.

My daughter has now struggled with this sickness for several years. But in the last few weeks, she has gone back downhill to close to what she was like at the very beginning. The only difference is that this time, I have determined to not be like Adam. I am going to be present for my wife and daughter. I am going to fight for them. I don’t have the answers to what’s physically wrong, but I will fight on my knees and I will be present with them through their struggles.

Remember, the Lord is a warrior… and we are to be like him. We were created to be warriors. Fight for your wives. Fight for your family. Fight for them and beside them. Don’t be like Adam. Don’t be like I have been. Now is the time to decide. Nail it down right here.

I will be the warrior I am called to be.
I will be the warrior I was created to be.

I am a warrior!

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  1. Someone asked me how I practically am fighting for my wife now. So, I thought I would share my response here also. First, I am actively praying for them and with them. Second, I am trying to be more communicative with my wife about the situation and how it makes her feel. Third, I am trying to see things to do to practically help my wife as she is spending so much time caring for my sick daughter.

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